New Live Unplugged Album: ACOUSTIC PUB CRAWL II - Live in Hamburg

Neues Live-Unplugged-Album: ACOUSTIC PUB CRAWL II - Live in Hamburg

ACOUSTIC PUB CRAWL II – Live in Hamburg: Out on April 17th!

To our friends near and far,

As many of you know, we had something great in store for you to kick start the celebrations for our 30th anniversary as a band. The year was supposed to warm up with another ACOUSTIC PUB CRAWL session that would have taken us across the country. Sadly, reality has hit home, and all the unplugged gigs have had to be moved to 2021.

Our patience is truly being put to the test at the moment, but we’ve come up with something to help to ease your disappointment over not getting to come see us live. We’ll just come to you instead – through our second Unplugged album “ACOUSTIC PUB CRAWL II – Live in Hamburg,” an album that is the quintessence of our amazing last acoustic tour!

To create your very own Irish oasis in these uncertain times, just follow the instructions below:

Get cosy with your loved ones, put on the CD, crack open a nice cold Guinness, Murphy's or whatever your poison is, and raise your glass to our health. Close your eyes and just imagine you are down at your local pub and our sound has the entire pub bouncing – even the bar stools. Cocktail drums, fiddle and strange yet wonderful instruments like the sitar, jaw harp, washboard, and anything else that has somehow ended up on the band bus in the past 30 years, will get even the sturdiest of armchairs vibrating and will not fail to liven up the boredom of social isolation.

Raise a glass to 30 years of Fiddler's Green and get down with us at home with the ACOUSTIC PUB CRAWL II – Live in Hamburg!

The Fiddlers



01. Devil's Dozen
02. Matty Groves
03. Buccaneer
04. The Night Pat Murphy Died
05. Mr. Tickle
06. Down
07. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
08. A Night In Dublin
09. Blame It On Me
10. Bottoms Up
11. I'm Here Because I'm Here
12. Walking High
13. Yindy
14. Never Hide
15. Star Of The County Down
16. Victor And His Demons

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