GREEN OAK - the FIDDLER'S GREEN Single Malt Whiskey!

GREEN OAK - the FIDDLER'S GREEN Single Malt Whiskey!

After the great success of our jubilee whiskeys and by popular request from those who could no longer get bottles at the time, we can now offer our own official whiskey: FIDDLER'S GREEN - GREEN OAK!

The winemaker and whiskey distiller Thomas Sippel had already provided us with six excellent different single malt whiskeys for our 30th anniversary. Now, with FIDDLER'S GREEN - GREEN OAK, a very special whiskey edition has matured in oak barrels and been filled into black bottles for you.

If you order by December 15th, it will be delivered under the Christmas tree in time (Shipping within Germany)!

Sláinte! Fiddlers


0,5 LTR - 45% VOL

Please note that this article is subject to an age restriction and therefore may not be sold to young people under the age of 18. With your order you confirm that you are of the legal minimum age. Please be responsible when dealing with this item.

And this is what our distiller Thomas Sippel says about the single malt whiskey FIDDLER'S GREEN - GREEN OAK:

Raw material:

The whiskey FIDDLER'S GREEN - GREEN OAK was distilled from Palatinate barley malt, partly from caramel and partly from smoked malt and malted in one of the most famous German malting houses in Bamberg.


After malting, the malt was taken to the Mayer brewery in Oggersheim, where the brew and the fermented malt were produced. In the Sippel distillery it was then distilled in the traditional way using the classic rough and fine distillate process.


The storage took place for 4 years in a noble Palatinate oak barrel. This comes from the Sippel winery and was previously topped with Chardonnay wine.


Water plays a particularly important role in the production of whiskey. Here, Weisenheim spring water was already used during the mashing of the malt. Particularly soft spring water of the highest quality is responsible for the special mildness of FIDDLER'S GREEN - GREEN OAK Single Malt Whiskey.

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