Acoustic Pub Crawl 2017 - unplugged!

Acoustic Pub Crawl 2017

In November and December our Acoustic Pub Crawl unplugged tour will lead us all though Germany.

From the classics of the first days to the brand new songs of the album DEVIL'S DOZEN, we give our songs imperiously new unplugged clothes and celebrate a feast of the acoustic instruments.

Upright bass, reduced drum set, classic folk instruments and bar stools - it does not take any more to ignite a wild fire that definitely matches our "electric" shows in terms of energy. However, we do not shrink from taking strange instruments, such as a sitar or pedagogical school instruments. Everything is permitted, nothing forbidden...

Here you can experience us live and unplugged:

10.11.  AACHEN - Musikbunker
11.11.  FULDA - Kreuz
15.11.  BREMEN - Modernes
16.11.  BOCHUM - Zeche
17.11.  ASCHAFFENBURG - Colos-Saal
18.11.  AMBERG - Musikomm
23.11.  BIELEFELD - Forum
24.11.  SIEGBURG - Kubana
25.11.  BAYREUTH - Zentrum
30.11.  FREIBURG - Jazzhaus
01.12.  LINDAU - Club Vaudeville
03.12.  AUGSBURG - Spectrum
07.12.  KARLSRUHE - Substage
08.12.  KAISERSLAUTERN - Kammgarn
09.12.  HOF - Bürgergesellschaft
15.12.  OSNABRÜCK - Rosenhof
16.12.  POTSDAM - Lindenpark
21.12.  HAMELN - Sumpfblume
22.12.  HAMBURG - Markthalle

Tickets: (exclusive hard tickets!), or at all known pre-sale points.

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